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Typical solutions

GSM alarm system for the garage

In the garage are stored not only cars, but also other valuable property: summer and winter tires, bicycle, tools, and other necessary things. All this is of interest to the criminal-minded citizens. Naturally, the garage must be kept under guard.
GSM alarm system for the garden

With modern means of protection Express GSM you can not only protect your own country house and buildings, but also remotely control the on-off watering systems, heating and temperature control in the bath, etc.
GSM alarm system for the apartment

With the advent of sensors Express GSM and GSM Pole to protect your apartment has been made possible by yourself. They will learn about the penetration into the room to report on flooding, fire. With the installation and configuration of sensors will understand even a housewife. No need to lay wires, drill walls and spoil the interior. Everything is simple and clear.
GSM alarm traveling

Guided Tour, the journey is always the anticipation of new pleasant emotions and impressions. Under the influence of "holiday" mood of the people only think about the upcoming holiday, lose vigilance. These are criminal elements and lying in wait for the right moment.
GSM car alarm

The car without the alarm in Russia is difficult to imagine. On the car alarm it has the primary duty to protect the car against theft. To help to the "signalization" additional devices are widely used for the complications of life autothief: mechanical interlocks, etc. sekretki
GSM alarm system for the office

Burglar alarm in the office need to protect your valuables: computers, office equipment, furniture, etc. Information stored on the hard drives themselves are orders of magnitude more expensive carriers. It may be of interest not only for you. For this reason, you should think about the protection of your office, if it does not.
GSM alarm system for personal belongings

Monitor personal belongings must not only public transport but also in a less public place. Such as working table drawer cabinet with valuable documents, etc. In this section, we describe how to ensure the safety of things in places that are locked in the castle, but for which a lock may not be enough.
GSM alarm system for the building (construction)

According to a winged phrase, building a house - one of the mandatory cases, which should make every man. If you are ripe for this important step in your life, take it seriously. Elaboration of the project, the choice of high-quality construction and finishing materials, all of it is inherent in any construction site. As well as the presence of guards, which will protect the construction site.
GSM alarm system for the store

GSM-alarm signaling for a small store, it is one of the many applications of sensors Express GSM, Photo Express GSM Pole and GSM.
GSM alarm system in the vegetable store

Take care about the protection of their crops, grown on the farm and stored in a cellar or vegetable store. Make it very simple with the help of modern stand-alone security devices GSM-alarm signaling Express GSM, Photo Express GSM Pole and GSM.
GSM alarm system for warehouse

Guard closed warehouse using modern GSM-alarm signaling will prevent theft of valuables are out of stock, reduce the cost of protection and quickly learn about the situation at the facility.