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GSM alarm system for home, COTTAGE, GARAGE —
SAVE against vandalism, theft and plunder!

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All products in the Express GSM work from the Autonomous power source (battery) and do not depend on power supply of 220 V. This greatly expands the places and ways to use them.

To supply alarm Express GSM uses a lithium CR123 battery. They proved themselves in practice, unpretentious, resistant to low temperatures. One battery lasts for six months continuous operation of alarm systems subject to operating conditions.


The Express GSM alarm can easily fit in a pocket. This light, compact device that you can take with you anywhere — travel, business trip; put in a tent or baggage, set in a hotel room or rented apartment.

A simple setup procedure takes a few minutes. For installation you may need is that the double-sided tape. Attach with the help of the device and installation can be considered completed. The alarm device is ready to perform its security functions.


90x57x46 mm. Such dimensions has the alarm device Express GSM. Agree, this is a bit.

The modest dimensions make it easy to place a Express GSM in the car glove box, Desk drawer, travel bag or even your pocket, if you got something valuable.

Use the compactness of the alarm device for installation in the most unexpected places.


Perhaps this is the most simple device of protection that exists in the world. To use the Express GSM alarm can even child.

For quick setup simply insert into the device the SIM card, battery, call a number from your mobile phone, press the keyfob button. If you need to change the settings (add phone numbers to alert, men to prescribe the siren, etc.), then you can do it later through the mobile application or online service.

All instruments presented at the exhibition "security 2013" in Kiev

For garage

In the garage to store not only cars, but also other valuable property: summer and winter tires, bike, tools, other necessary things. All of this is of interest to criminal-minded citizens. Naturally, the garage to keep protected.

It is no secret that not all the garages in our country electricity. This significantly limits the choice of security devices, because most of them require mains power supply 220 V. Due to the Express GSM alarm your garage will always be protected, because they are powered from independent source.

For apartment

The apartment is a place of comfort and security. In the apartment kept the money, expensive equipment, furnishings and other valuables. In your home, we feel safe and protected.

Unfortunately, there are always hunters for someone else's good. People who have received the sad experience of their activities, first get a security system. Why not stop hoping for the best, and to install a security system right now?

With the Express GSM alarm devices you can protect, not relying on the locks and neighbors. These modern and simple in circulation the device has already helped thousands of people to protect your home.

To give

To protect the cottage is necessary in summer and winter. And in the winter it is complicated by the fact that electricity is shut off, and the country effectively remains without supervision. Despite the long onset of the 21st century, the best means still remain secure lock on the doors.

With modern means of protection Express GSM you will be able not only to independently protect his country house and buildings, but also to remotely control the on-off watering systems, heating, control the temperature in the bath, etc.

Devices powered by batteries, so do not depend on voltage at the outlet. All devices have a built-in GSM module through which to inform about events on your mobile phone.

Examples of the use of GSM alarm EXPRESS GSM:

Картинка Great for office protection. Leaving the work, be sure to put your work area is armed. For office
Картинка Use the «Express GSM» as an additional alarm for your car. For auto
Картинка Going on vacation or on a trip, take Express GSM with them, it can be put in the baggage or tent. During a trip
Картинка Warning will help guard your personal belongings. It can be put in a drawer or in a bag. For personal belongings
Картинка Use the switch on the stock. Warehouse can be heated and do not provide electricity. For warehouse
Картинка Perfect for the protection of a small shop. Low-cost solution, as opposed to expensive complexes. Small shop
Картинка Most vegetable store cellars and exposed to hacking. Express GSM - way to keep your inventory. Vegetable store
Картинка When construction is often stolen construction materials. Take care about safety. During construction